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Posted by on Aug 29, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Introducing the Tea Survival Kit!

Introducing the Tea Survival Kit!


Shared Trade would not exist without collaboration. The relationships we share with our partners are vital in order to give our partners’ employees amazing opportunities, as well as to create the best products for our customers. This week, we are excited to highlight a few of our partners by introducing a Tea Survival Kit that is now available at Thistle Farms.


This kit features tea from Ajiri Tea in Kenya, Moringa Madres in Mexico, Hope Tea in Uganda, and Thistle Farms.

The Tea Survival Kit provides employment for women in five locations across the globe, so your purchase of one kit will benefit women in five organizations.

First and foremost, our tea kit needs tea. This kit features four delicious blends that will warm you up on a cool, autumn morning.

Ajiri Tea is grown and harvested in Western Kenya at the Nyansiongo Tea Factory.  The factory is a cooperative owned by small-scale farmers. They grow the tea independently and handpick the leaves, ensuring the highest quality tea. Ajiri gets its name from the Swahili word, meaning “to employ,” and its goal is to provide employment for women in western Kenya and to educate orphans in their communities.


The moringa in our Moringa Black Health Blend was harvested by 35 women in San Juan Cosala, Mexico.

The second tea is a Moringa Black Health Blend, a delicious blend of black tea, moringa, and lemongrass. The moringa is made by Moringa Madres, based in San Juan Cosala, Mexico. The moringa trees were planted and harvested by 35 women who are striving to provide for their families.

The black tea in this blend is made by Hope Tea in Uganda. The Tea Survival Kit has created an opportunity for women in Uganda to find employment.

The third featured tea is Thistle Stop Café’s Herbal Blend. Made of Milk Thistle, dandelion root and cardamom, this tasty blend of flavors is a natural tonic for liver health.

The fourth featured tea is an organic Gunpowder Green Blend. This delicious blend is made of green tea, orange peel and ginger root, and aids digestion.

When you purchase the Tea Survival Kit, your teas will come wrapped in a beautiful satchel that is perfect to take with you camping or on a quiet, morning walk.

TeaSurvivalKitNew Visions Sewing Group created the satchel that houses the tea. New Visions is an enterprise of Lwala Community Alliance, an organization that provides girls and women in Kenya with education, healthcare and employment.

Finally, the Tea Survival Kit is assembled by the women at Thistle Farms. Thistle Farms, based in Nashville, TN, is a social enterprise of women in recovery from prostitution, trafficking and addiction. The tea will be sold for resale through Thistle Farms and served at the Thistle Stop Café.

Be sure to welcome the month of September and the upcoming fall season with a warm cup of tea. Our Tea Survival Kit is now available on Thistle Farm’s website and will also be sold at Shared Trade MarketPlace in October.








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